Giving Flowers

Sympathy Flower Guide


The seasonal blossoming of flowers has long been an important symbol of the renewal of life and beauty, of life’s temporal qualities and spirit of goodness. For these reasons flowers have been important components of just about every major ritual. The delicate beauty of flowers as an offering of sympathy is an age old practice that signifies compassion, thoughtfulness, and warmth.

For all these reasons communities rally around the fragrant and airy blooms of gorgeous flowers, their beauty offers important meaning in difficult times even when words fail us. Ancient cultures used to don the deceased with fresh flowers to assist them into the afterlife. We use flowers to represent the abundance that can be found in love, community, and hope. Flowers continue to be an important means of communicating condolences. During difficult times, times full of sadness and sorrow, flowers awaken us to the promise of a greater hope, of the return of joy. Need help getting started? Shop our Sympathy Collection or read on for more helpful information.

Even if I just heard the news, is it too late to send flowers?
Sending flowers is always appropriate, no matter when you heard the news. In fact, a late flower arrangement sent to the home of the surviving members is often considered an even more earnest and thoughtful gesture.

What if I don't know what to send to an out of town funeral?
When a funeral is out of town, it is sometimes difficult to know if it is going to be a memorial service or a more traditional funeral. Flowers are appropriate for all the many types of services. If you are not sure exactly what type of flowers are appropriate, we are here to help you every step of the way.

How should we sign the card if we collected money from a group of people for sympathy flowers?
While some people prefer to sign the card with only the title of the group, most believe that having each individual’s name on the card is a more personal touch and reminds the grieving of a larger community support. Signing everyone’s name on the card that you have collected a donation from simplifies things. Always be sure to double check the spelling of each name that is displayed on the card message for accuracy.

Are any flowers inappropriate for a funeral?
When tastefully arranged, every flower expresses sympathy in an appropriate manner. That said, large flowers used to create dramatic tributes are best for memorial or funeral services. Consider sending lilies, snapdragons, gladioli, chrysanthemums, carnations, or roses. Smaller arrangements are used when sending flowers directly to the home. These arrangements usually include roses, spray roses, alstroemerial, daisies, carnations, delphinium, liatris, and stock. You might also want to browse our flower color meaning and meaning of flowers to communicate a special, personalized symbolism to your gift. For more specific ideas on flowers for the home, service, or casket, browse some of our more popular and tasteful sympathy arrangements.

If the obituary mentions "in lieu of flowers" is it still appropriate to send flowers?
Yes, if you wish to send flowers as a gesture of sympathy and remembrance, you may do so in place of or in addition to a donation to the charity indicated. Smaller arrangements are generally more thoughtful in this case.

Can you help me locate the funeral service?
If you have the name of the funeral home and the name of the deceased, then we can handle your order with no problem. We will locate the service and will certainly deliver the appropriate arrangement to the proper location.

Any ideas on what to write on the card if I am at a loss for words?
Most cards have been created to include a preprinted message such as "With deepest sympathy", "Our thoughts & prayers are with you", "In loving memory" or "With love and remembrances". All you need to do is sign who it is from. In these difficult times, no one expects your card to contain answers. Your support and thoughtfulness is what is most important. When you do sign the card, include your first and last name to make sure there is no confusion. If it is a group card, spell each name so the person taking the order is sure to get them correctly.


Gentle Thoughts Spray

The gentle colors of white and pink are surrounded by a halo of modest greens in this thoughtful memorial arrangement. Professionally arranged on an easel nearly four feet tall, each elegant pink carnation and soft white chrysanthemum accentuates the beautiful roses to create a moving sentiment. This arrangement adds a touch of color as a way of communicating many difficult emotions of mourning.

More Details Gentle Thoughts Spray

Basket of Light

It is very difficult to know what to say under sad circumstances. We’ve designed this sympathy arrangement to thoughtfully express condolences. A beautiful but modest combination of white roses, larkspur, and white carnations is tucked gently into a classical wicker basket. This reverent arrangement humbly communicates your sympathy. Extend your caring sentiments with this beautiful and modest arrangement.

More Details Basket of Light

Warm Thoughts Arrangement

While too much color may not be appropriate for a memorial service, our gentle pastel arrangement expresses your thoughtful and personal sympathies. Neatly arranged in a modest, white container, this arrangement features lavender and yellow daisies, pink carnations, and yellow gladioli tied gently with a graceful pink ribbon. All together, this warm thoughts arrangement communicates a wide variety of emotions during the difficult period of mourning. When words can’t express all your feeling, this reverent arrangement communicates your heartfelt sympathies.

More Details Warm Thoughts Arrangement