Giving Flowers

Flower Gift Guide


There are many different options when it comes to selecting the perfect flower arrangement. Here on our website we offer hundreds of different products from fresh flowers, roses, balloons, stuffed animals, plants and fruit basket and they are all available for same day delivery. In the unlikely event that you are unable to find the perfect gift on our website, we encourage you to contact us directly on the phone to order a custom designed bouquet. If you want to create a custom floral arrangement we have several different designer flower arrangements such as spring flower arrangements, fall flower arrangements, victorian flower arrangements and exotic or tropical arrangements. Here are general descriptions of each of these types of floral bouquets:

Spring Arrangement

The spring flower arrangement is a beautiful variety of fresh flowers arranged in a basket or a vase including flowers such as carnations, daisies, mums, pom poms, greens and filler. The spring flower arrangement may not always have these types of flowers, these are just examples of the general types of flowers in this type of flower bouquet. The designer may use many different varieties of flowers when creating your bouquet but you can rest assured that all the flowers will be bright spring colors. Yet another way to customize your floral arrangement is to specify a flower vase or a flower basket, either of which will give you floral gift that personal touch. You can also ask that the designer use your favorite colors in your flower basket or vase to show that special someone that you really care.

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Fall Arrangement

The fall flower arrangement is basically the same as the spring flower arrangement. The main difference on the fall flower arrangement is that the flower colors will be more of the common fall colors such as burgundies, reds, yellows and browns. This is a very common selection during the fall and winter months and can help bring the fresh crisp fall season to regions of the world that don’t have the luck to experience this season for real.

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Exotic / Tropical Arrangement

The exotic/tropical flower arrangement is one of the most unique and different flower bouquets that we offer. This style floral arrangement takes a real artistic eye, using some of the most unique flowers available from exotic and tropical regions like Hawaii. The most common types of flowers in this type of flower bouquet are orchids, halaconia, protea, anthurium, bird of paradise and many other exotic/tropical species. In certain areas, these types of flowers are not always available and can sometimes require a couple days notice to allow for special order from the local flower wholesaler in the flower delivery area.

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So now it’s up to the perfect floral arrangement pictured on our website, or call us direct and have one of our experienced designer create a custom flower arrangement for you?