Summer Collection

Summer Collection


The long, brilliant days of summer bring ample time for flowers to develop their complex and brilliant blossoms. Extravagant petals rich with color intertwine with each other forming lush patterns pointed toward the warm and abundant sun. Sunflowers make their famous trek across the day, gerbera daisies become so vibrant it is as if they were anemone.

Summer’s luxuries envelope us as we spend our days enjoying the many joys of the season. We are also enveloped by the intense fragrances of summer’s hard working flowers. As we open our doors and windows, spend longer periods of time absorbing nature’s fresh air we become a part of the many beauties sprinkled across the land.

With so much fresh, available beauty, summer is the perfect time to send a fresh floral bouquet or gorgeous summer flower arrangement. A beautiful bouquet or flower arrangement is a great way to share summer’s promise of languor and hope, summer’s lush comfort and stillness, and summer’s diverse and radiant palette.

Summer is also full of very special occasions and nothing sends your best wishes like an arrangement that speaks of summer’s charms. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, graduation or even a simple backyard family barbeque, a bouquet magnifies summer’s ease and delight, encapsulating the colors, textures and fragrances and arranging them into package of beauty and pleasure.

With each arrangement a fresh flower gift is designed and delivered by your very own neighborhood florist, so you know it is fresh and made specifically for your special occasion. Our bouquets and fresh flower arrangements are delivered as radiant and sparkling fresh as if you had picked it yourself.

So luxuriate in the summer’s long days and beaming colors. Let us bring the season’s beauty to someone you love today.

Summertime Sensation Basket

Looking for a special arrangement that epitomizes summer’s delight? The Summertime Sensation Basket is an explosion of color and fragrance. This beautiful arrangement combines gorgeous asters, chrysanthemums, cosmos, and dahlias in a delightful wicker basket. This arrangement is a great gift for any occasion. Its lush colors and textures will certainly be enjoyed by anyone lucky enough to receive it.

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Sassy Sunflowers

We also offers the charming and radiant Sassy Sunflower collection. These sunflowers are combined with the sweet fragrance of lemon leaves and sophisticated solidaster. Nothing makes the summer more palpable than the golden shine of these super fresh sunflowers. The Sassy Sunflower arrangement lights up a room, spreading its joyful glow to everyone. The luminous glow of these fresh sunflowers is magnified by the graceful curve of the glass bubble bowl that holds them together.

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Fiesta Gerbera Vase

No other flower makes color come alive like the intensely luminous gerbera daisy. We have assembled the freshest, most brilliant gerberas and arranged them in a clear glass vase that allows the flowers’ incandescent charm to light up the eyes of each fortunate beholder. The Fiesta Gerbera Vase makes a perfect summertime statement of hope, joy, friendship, and love.

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