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  1. Teleflora's Lavender Garden
    Teleflora's Lavender Garden
  2. Heaven Scent
    Heaven Scent
  3. Your Special Day
    Your Special Day
  4. Teleflora's Morning Melody
    Teleflora's Morning Melody
  5. Teleflora's Possibly Pink
    Teleflora's Possibly Pink
  6. A Full Life
    A Full Life
  7. Plant and Fruit Basket
    Plant and Fruit Basket
  8. Style Sophisticate
    Style Sophisticate
  9. Celebration of Life Arrangement
    Celebration of Life Arrangement
  10. Manhattan Magic
    Manhattan Magic
  11. Heart's Delight by Teleflora
    Heart's Delight by Teleflora
  12. Victorian Romance
    Victorian Romance
  13. Yellow and Lavender Delight
    Yellow and Lavender Delight
  14. Thoughtful Expressions
    Thoughtful Expressions
  15. Everlasting Lavender
    Everlasting Lavender
  16. A Dozen Lavender Roses
    A Dozen Lavender Roses
  17. Petite European Basket
    Petite European Basket
  18. Teleflora's Fall in Love
    Teleflora's Fall in Love
  19. Teleflora's Rhapsody in Purple
    Teleflora's Rhapsody in Purple
  20. Teleflora's Beautiful Day
    Teleflora's Beautiful Day
  21. Teleflora's Lavender Chiffon Bouquet
    Teleflora's Lavender Chiffon Bouquet
  22. Love and Laughter
    Love and Laughter
  23. Teleflora's Fragrance Vase
    Teleflora's Fragrance Vase
  24. Jumping for Joy
    Jumping for Joy
  25. Purple Chrysanthemum
    Purple Chrysanthemum
  26. Poetry In Purple Bouquet by Teleflora
    Poetry In Purple Bouquet by Teleflora
  27. Make a Wish
    Make a Wish
  28. Pretty Please
    Pretty Please
  29. Rosy Day Bouquet
    Rosy Day Bouquet
  30. Stratford Gardens
    Stratford Gardens
  31. Teleflora's Fresh Blossom Potpourri
    Teleflora's Fresh Blossom Potpourri
  32. Enchanted Cottage
    Enchanted Cottage
  33. Wishes Come True
    Wishes Come True
  34. Warm Thoughts Arrangement
    Warm Thoughts Arrangement
  35. Teleflora's Best of Times
    Teleflora's Best of Times
  36. Your Majesty
    Your Majesty
  37. Teleflora's Bear Hug Bear with Pink Roses
    Teleflora's Bear Hug Bear with Pink Roses
  38. Deluxe European Garden Basket
    Deluxe European Garden Basket
  39. Sacred Garden Spray
    Sacred Garden Spray
  40. Large Sunshine and Smiles
    Large Sunshine and Smiles
  41. Teleflora’s Morning Sunrise Bouquet
    Teleflora’s Morning Sunrise Bouquet
  42. Teleflora's Butterfly & Blossom Vase
    Teleflora's Butterfly & Blossom Vase
  43. In the Garden by Teleflora
    In the Garden by Teleflora
  44. Junk Food Bucket
    Junk Food Bucket
  45. New Sensations
    New Sensations
  46. Blues for You
    Blues for You
  47. Gentle Comfort Basket
    Gentle Comfort Basket
  48. Rose Rapture
    Rose Rapture
  49. Teleflora's Cup of Roses Bouquet
    Teleflora's Cup of Roses Bouquet
  50. Pastel Crescent Spray
    Pastel Crescent Spray
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