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Anniversary Flowers

1st Anniversary: Carnation

The beautiful carnation is the traditional flower used to celebrate a couple’s first wedding anniversary. Carnations have long been representative of young, passionate love. Legend has it that a fresh bouquet made from the lovely carnation would cause immediate and lasting love. The carnation comes in a great variety of colors, so couples can choose the hues that best represent their love. The first wedding anniversary is a time to celebrate what seems like an infinite future together. No anniversary flower captures the sweetness, optimism, and passion of a first anniversary like the luminous and colorful carnation.

2nd Anniversary: Cosmos

The second anniversary is an exuberant time. By their second anniversary, couples have put aside their simplistic understanding of love and replaced it with a more complex version formed from a more thorough understanding of each other. The gorgeous and luminous cosmos symbolizes this amazing transformation. Representing the second anniversary, the cosmos is a sublime flower whose beauty is unique and intense. The cosmos symbolizes not what love should be, but instead the even more powerful love that exists uniquely in this second year of marriage. Celebrate this year and the many years ahead with a fresh flower bouquet of stunning cosmos.

3rd Anniversary: Sunflower

Strong, colorful, and passionate, the sunflower captures all the characteristics of three years of marriage. The sturdy stalk of the sunflower symbolizes the strong foundation upon which the marriage is based. The vibrant yellow petals represent the love and passion which radiate outwards. Sunflowers look absolutely stunning when grouped together in large fresh bouquets and fresh flower arrangements. They are a clear sign of trust in what has already been developed and excitement about what is going to come.

4th Anniversary: Geranium

The fourth anniversary is an exciting time. The vibrant and colorful geranium is the flower that perfectly represents this important event. After four years, a couple has found a wonderful combination of comfortable habits and unexpected surprises. The familiar geranium symbolizes the comforting beauty of the recognizable, while also adding unexpected texture and color that reveal the many great surprises still to come. The intense lines of color radiating out from the flower’s stamens exemplify the ever expanding love of the lucky couple celebrating four years of marriage together.

5th Anniversary: Daisy

The reason the daisy is the flower chosen to represent the fifth anniversary is because of its symbolic structure. Each of the daisy’s petals radiates outwards from the center. The center symbolizes the intense bond of the married couple and all their shared experiences. Each petal, both delicate and strong, represents all the magical ways the couple will expand and grow. The daisy has come to represent fidelity. While the daisy appears to be a simple flower, its beauty is apparent to those who look closely. There is no better gift to represent love, fidelity, and hope, than a large fresh flower bouquet of luminous daisies.

6th Anniversary: Calla Lily
Calla Lilies

The elegant and sophisticated calla lily represents all the glorious ways each partner has grown and become even more attractive over six years of marriage. The long, slender calla lily flower is unlike any other. This original flower symbolizes all the unique ways love has grown and developed over six years. Used extensively in the paintings of Mexican artist Diego Rivera, legend has it that the calla lily has its own magical light source inside it which radiates upwards. This is the perfect analogy for celebrating six years of marriage together. The sixth anniversary is a moment to reflect upon the internal illumination that the marriage produces.

7th Anniversary: Freesia

The freesia is beautiful flower whose staggered buds stair step their way up the stem. While the exotic appearance of the freesia is enough to enchant, the real delight of this glorious flower is its delightful scent. The fragrance of the freesia has been admired for centuries and has been a key ingredient in many soaps and lotions. The seventh anniversary is a time to look back on all that you’ve accomplished together while also looking ahead to all the wonderful surprises still in store for you both. The one of a kind freesia will show how much you appreciate and love all the unique characteristics of your loving spouse.

8th Anniversary: Lilac

The eighth anniversary is a great time to look back and remember what brought you together when you first met. Take the time to recall your shared interests and passions, those parts of yourself you were able to dwell on so thoroughly before your lives became busier and more complicated. White lilacs represent first love, so they are the perfect flower to represent the eighth anniversary. Purple lilacs represent the promise of rebirth. Either way, these beautiful heart-shaped flowers clumped so gloriously together look absolutely stunning as part of a fresh flower arrangement.

9th Anniversary: Bird of Paradise
Bird of Paradise

Equal parts exotic and sophisticated; the one of a kind bird of paradise is a stunning anniversary flower. This flower represents the glamorous qualities of marriage and points toward many adventures still to come. Often accompanying a bird of paradise is a promise of travel and exploration. This is the ideal tone to set on the ninth anniversary when instead of dwelling on what has transpired but looks forward to all the adventures yet to come. A gift of a bird of paradise will remind your spouse of all the excitement your love contains.

10th Anniversary: Daffodil

A single daffodil looks beautiful. However, bunch a group of them together in a fresh flower bouquet and they look extraordinary. This is a perfect analogy for your tenth wedding anniversary. Over ten years you’ve created many wonderful memories. When you take the time to bunch all of those memories together you have your extraordinary life together. Celebrate ten magnificent years with these brilliant and romantic flowers that radiate a light as bright as your love. Show your spouse that you wouldn’t trade a single moment with these pure and passionate flowers.

11th Anniversary: Tulip

The tulip is the flower that represents spring’s arrival. What a great way to celebrate the beginning of your second decade together! Just as spring is a time for renewal and rebirth, the eleventh anniversary is a time to renew your commitment to each other. The tulip is a gorgeous flower available in a variety of colors. The deep green stem supports the pastel flower and together their beauty is magnified. Celebrate your eleventh anniversary with this sophisticated beauty symbolic of renewal.

12th Anniversary: Peony

The intricately ruffled petals of the peony resemble the feathers of a swan. These graceful flowers have been chosen to represent the twelfth anniversary. After twelve years of marriage there is an understanding and appreciation of the finer things in life. The sublime peony is one of those finer things. This sophisticated flower is used in important ceremonies around the world. Treat your spouse to the elegant beauty and fragrance of this wonderful flower.

13th Anniversary: Chrysanthemum

In many cultures the chrysanthemum is the symbol of royalty. Treat yourselves like royalty on your thirteen wedding anniversary. The chrysanthemum looks absolutely stunning both in a large fresh flower bouquet or as a part of a fresh flower arrangement. This is a spectacular flower with dense layers of petals whose texture holds in deep and brilliant color. There is nothing unlucky about this flower, in fact, it is said that those who gaze on a bouquet of chrysanthemums improve their luck.

14th Anniversary: Dahlia

The brilliant, architectural petal structure of the dynamic dahlia creates a stunning statement that will thrill your spouse. The often two-toned and pointed flowers of the dahlia make it unlike any other. Available in many startling hues, a fresh bouquet of dahlias is like a firework display on the fourth of July with their explosion of color. Bring some of those fireworks to your fourteenth anniversary with a fresh bouquet of dazzling dahlias. They are sure to send the message that there are plenty of exciting times yet to come in your marriage.

15th Anniversary: Roses

Roses are synonymous with passion and romance. So why aren’t roses the representative flower of an earlier anniversary? After fifteen years together you know each other very well. You’ve been through a lot together. After fifteen years you’ve earned the sensual and romantic opulence of the mighty rose. Remind your spouse that you still feel the hot fires of passion with a fresh rose bouquet or one of our amazing fresh rose arrangements. Fifteen years together is an important milestone. Send a dozen roses to celebrate this momentous occasion in luxury and style.

20th Anniversary: Aster

The name aster comes from the ancient Greek word for star. Celebrate all the bright spots of your marriage with a fresh arrangement featuring the elegant aster. The aster is delicate and sophisticated; its radiant petals create a soft beauty that is reminiscent of all the wisdom you have gained over twenty wonderful years of marriage. Sending this traditional flower to celebrate this important milestone will communicate your appreciation of all you’ve gained through two decades of life together.

25th Anniversary: Iris

After a quarter century of marriage, celebrate in style with the gorgeous iris. The iris is a royal flower. It was the inspiration for the fleur de lis, which has become a symbol of elegance and sophistication. A stunning fresh bouquet of irises makes a clear statement that you still hold your spouse as royalty. A royal purple arrangement of these beautiful flowers will be a luxurious and romantic way to celebrate the twenty-five years the two of you have spent together.

30th Anniversary: Lily

As you have aged and grown together, your marriage has grown and changed. While your life together has transformed itself over the years, your commitment to each other has not been altered. The beautiful lily comes in many different shapes and colors. It is full of surprises. Let your spouse know that while you are both older, you are still full of the original fire that brought you together. The glorious lily will make a bold statement that there is still a sense of adventure and a strong passion burning within you. Celebrate thirty years together with a stunning bouquet of fresh lilies.

40th Anniversary: Gladiolas

The gladiola is a unique and luminous flower that brightens any room with its one of a kind beauty and charm. After forty years of marriage, your relationship is also totally unique and full of its own grace and charm. The gladiola is the official flower of fortieth wedding anniversaries because their long, slender shape and brilliantly colored flowers symbolize the accumulation of all the wonderful memories and experiences that have transformed your lives. Celebrate your amazing time together with a luminous arrangement featuring the stately elegance of fresh gladioli.

50th Anniversary: Yellow Roses and Violets
Yellow Roses and Violets

If you are considering which flowers to buy your spouse to celebrate fifty years of marriage then we would like to take a second to wish you our most earnest congratulations. The official flowers of fifty years of marriage are yellow roses and violets. This is the only anniversary celebrated with two different flowers. These two flowers look amazing together. Yellow and purple are complimentary colors just as you and your spouse are complimentary. Together they make each other even more beautiful than they would be by themselves. This is true for you too. Celebrate half a century together with a fresh flower arrangement featuring these two gorgeous flowers. And cheers, here’s to many more years of happiness together.