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Get Well Gift Guide


The intent of a get well bouquet is two fold. Our get well bouquets offer both an earnest concern for improved health while also offering a beauty and grace that is uplifting for the senses and the spirits as well. This combination is a powerful medicine that we hope assists those recovering with beauty and hope.

Because it is the thought that counts, a get well gift is always well received. A mix of bright, seasonal flowers brings a touch of the outdoors inside, giving the recovering person a means of experiencing the outdoors while recovering inside. The bright, cheery colors create a sense of light and optimism, an uplifting message that is almost as good as being there yourself. Whether the person is recovering from an illness or from surgery, fresh flowers, whether jubilant and colorful or sophisticated and minimal will be an important message that you are holding that person close to your heart and constantly wishing the best for their speedy recovery and long term health. Flowers are able to communicate these important feelings, no matter how far away you are. We have designed many get well bouquets and gift baskets. Peruse our excellent selection and find the bouquet that expresses your one of a kind message. Flowers are our personal messengers of love, friendship, compassion, and hope.

Sending You Sunshine

Brighten up the spirits of someone who has been under the weather with our get well soon flowers and balloon. This lighter than air arrangement has a solid foundation. A delightful vase is ringed with bright sunshine. The radiant combination of white, yellow, pink and blue flowers adds sunshine and brevity while the mylar "Get Well Soon" balloon gives the impression the whole ensemble is floating. Together these elements are sure to make a delightful impression. Laughter is the best medicine, right? Sending this fresh flower arrangement is like sending a smile and sunshine, and it is sure to make that special someone feel better.

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Brighten Your Day

Our clear, glass vase brings out the elegant colors in this "Brighten Your Day" arrangement. Featuring fresh roses, astroemeria, asters, carnations, and chrysanthemums, these gorgeous flowers are arranged by our expert florists to bring out their cheerful colors and delightful textures. While each petal and leaf is beautiful on its own, they all add up to a masterpiece. So brighten the day of someone feeling under the weather with this sweet helping of colorful sunshine. This arrangement’s radiance makes it a lovely way to let someone know you are sending your very best.

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In My Heart

While the floating eighteen inch mylar, heart-shaped "Get Well Soon" balloon captures one’s attention at first glance, it is the professionally arranged bouquet of radiant purple and pink flowers that hold the eyes’ focus. Masterfully composed from gorgeous fresh flowers such as asters, Asiatic lilies, carnations, and lisianthus, this bouquet sends a clear message that this special someone is in your heart and on your mind. As if that isn’t enough, our finely crafted vase is adorned with a colorful, vertical ribbon to add another special touch. All together, this expert composition is a wonderful gift designed to send a spirit-brightening prescription of cheer.

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