Flowers for the Service

Flowers for the Service


Flowers delivered to the service are a beautiful reminder of the deceased and the wonderful impact that person had on many lives. If you heard the news of the passing late, send an arrangement to the family home. A flower bouquet in a vase or basket is the most popular fresh flower gift that would be sent to the family home, while a wreath, an easel, or a standing spray most often sent for the viewing, memorial and/or service. Any of these options will be a well suited floral design to the home or service. In some situations, families ask for a design that can be sent to a local hospital or nursing home after the service. A green or blooming plant is also a wonderful tribute, as its long lasting beauty makes for a lovely reminder.

Cherished Moments Spray

I want to provide flowers for the service but don’t know how the service will be set-up. What can I do?

A standing easel spray is one of the most appropriate and most often sent funeral designs this is versatile enough for the funeral director to incorporate for the service no matter what the set up of the service entails. The Gentle Thoughts Spray is composed of carnations representing beauty, white spray chrysanthemums for fidelity, and rose accents for ever lasting love. This arrangement is a tasteful addition to any service. Another option is the classic Cherished Moments Spray, which is also arranged on a freestanding easel for flexibility of display. This arrangement is a beautiful array of white gladioli, snapdragons, and brilliant red carnations. These flowers combine to create a stylish and memorable tribute.

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Celebration of Life Standing Spray

I would like to celebrate life with a less somber arrangement.

As a funeral service is both a means of creating closure following the unavoidable shock of a death, it is also about celebrating the joys and passions the deceased provided in life. Selecting an arrangement that features rich, vibrant, bright colors can add a note of joy to a somber occasion. Our Celebration of Life Standing Spray is a lovely and enthusiastic arrangement of orange gladioli, yellow gerberas, hot pink asters and roses that will remind people of the spirit of life the deceased embodied, and the ever present promise of renewal, hope, and joy.

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Most Memorable Tribute

Are there flower arrangements that can be enjoyed at the memorial while also being viewed at the church service?

Flowers designed in vase or in a container with floral foam and water are best for multiple day services. The foam will provide the hydration and stability necessary for the arrangement to stay fresh and beautiful over time. For these purposes we offer stylish and graceful vase arrangements, basket arrangements, and container arrangements. A good example of a multiple day service arrangement is the Most Memorable Tribute, which is composed of a sophisticated mix of larkspur, snapdragons, gerberas, and carnations arranged in a green jardinière. Another excellent option is a vibrant flowering plant. Plants are an excellent choice because their long lasting beauty can be enjoyed at the service and later at the home.

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Hope and Honor Cross

During the church service I’d like to honor the deceased in a symbolic way.

The most inspiring Christian symbol for a church service is the traditional cross. A lasting emblem of faith, hope, compassion, and renewal, the cross is a traditional and affirming symbol. Our Hope and Honor Cross is made from a rich weave of white chrysanthemums, themselves an ancient symbol of faith and beauty. A brilliant cluster of red carnations provides a poignant counterpoint and a lovely and inspiring focal point to this powerful design.

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