Flowers for the Home

Flowers for the Home


Flowers sent to the family at their home are a way to express the inexpressible sympathy you feel for the family of the deceased. A floral arrangements is a comforting gesture of peace and hope that will communicate your grief and your desire for comfort. A planter garden of green plants and/or blooming plants is a lovely and long lasting gift that brings life and light into the grieving family’s home.

Even if some time has passed since the passing, fresh flower arrangements are a thoughtful and comforting reminder that you are present in spirit even if not in body. In the Jewish culture a gourmet basket containing fruit or other items is greatly appreciated and preferred during times of grief. This gift serves the double purpose of communicating your condolences while also providing necessary support by nurturing friends and family.

Basket of Light

Which arrangement options best communicate reverent seriousness?

Hope and grace fill the air around the uplifting Basket of Light, a gorgeous arrangement bursting with the lasting beauty of white carnations, the emotional warmth of larkspur and lovely and delicate roses. This is a humble and reverent arrangement that is also appropriate for both the family’s home and the service.

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White Expressions Basket

An arrangement of all-white flowers communicates a seriousness and reverence while also presenting an elegant and comforting radiance. The classic appeal of white flowers is the way their delicate petals and white light glow create the feelings of humility and loyalty. The White Expressions Basket combines luminous white carnations, gladioli, snapdragons, and larkspur in a traditional style inside a sympathy basket. This arrangement is appropriate for both the funeral service and for display in the home afterwards. The reverence for the situation and its promise of hope and comfort grow out of this arrangement along with its gentle blossoms.

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Yellow Hope Chrysanthemum

What gifts offer more longevity than flowers?

The Yellow Hope Chrysanthemum is another excellent option. This blooming plant is designed with birch inside a naturally woven basket. For over two thousand years chrysanthemums have been grown in Chinese gardens. These gorgeous flowers have become a symbol of fidelity, providing a message of hope and light during this difficult time. Plants can be enjoyed year round, and as a result, make for a wonderful way to express your earnest and thorough sympathy.

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Blooming Garden Basket

While the immediate beauty of flowers is undeniable, the understated sophistication of long lasting plants makes for a lovely and thoughtful means of communicating your heartfelt sympathy. Blooming plants mix the best of both worlds, providing the longevity of plants while also adding the vibrant radiance of fresh floral blossoms. The Blooming Garden Basket is chock full of colors provided by blooming African violet, azalea, miniature roses, ivy and hypoestes.

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Garden Basket Blooms

I’d prefer to send a bright and colorful arrangement during this sad time.

Each person has a very different and important relationship with the deceased and the family. If you feel like every arrangement does not need to be somber, that during this difficult time you wish to remember the moments of celebration, brightly colored arrangements have the ability to direct people toward joy. The beauty and glow of colorful flowers can be an important symbol of the life that continues, the promise of the warmth and renewal in spring. The Garden Basket Blooms arrangement contains pink, lavender and white in a woven basket. This is a lovely arrangement that is tastefully uplifting, a gentle reminder of love’s endurance.

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Basket of Faith

I’d like to send an especially traditional and classic arrangement.

The funeral basket is the most traditional container for sympathy arrangements. The Basket of Faith features soft, diffused springtime colored blooms in pink, white, and yellow. The simple and beautiful textures of asters, carnations, and daisies symbolize loyalty, patience, and admiration. Like an undisturbed meadow, this arrangement offers deep calm. This classic arrangement is made with hydrated florists’ foam so it will last long enough to play an important role at the funeral service while then also being a heartwarming fixture in the home after the services have concluded.

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