Flowers for the Casket

Flowers for the Casket


The important tradition of offering floral adornments to the casket of the deceased is most often reserved for the closest family members. For this reason, we recommend that before ordering any flowers specifically for the casket that you contact the deceased’s spouse, children, or those making the funeral arrangements first.

Casket sprays are floral arrangements specifically designed for the adornment of the casket. Casket sprays are designed to decorate either the length of a closed casket or one half-opened. A full-couch spray, also called a lid spray extends the entire length while a foot spray, or half-couch spray is shorter to accommodate the open casket. Each of these sprays is offered in a variety of styles. The classic, traditional style is an always appropriate and timeless adornment, while there are other varieties that offer a more personalized statement and feature flowers that represent the character of the deceased.

Pure White Casket Spray

The Pure White Casket Spray is a classic white arrangement representing humility, purity, and truth. This gorgeous arrangement conveys everlasting love. Carnations are arranged in a subtle yet striking design that accentuates their simplistic beauty and their dense layers of silky petals. Larkspur, representing emotional attachment, provides a lovely counterpoint while lisianthus is added for additional texture along with its symbolic meaning of never ending live. This sophisticated and traditional arrangement creates an unforgettable blanket of comfort and hope.

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White Orchid Spray

A classic combination for caskets is dark green foliage surrounding the delicate beauty of white flowers. This juxtaposition enhances the flowers’ purity and creates a radiant aura of love and affection. The Blooming White Orchids Casket Spray includes powerful cymbidium and dendrobium orchids. These majestic and exotic species are stunning when paired with the lush greens and startlingly angelic white flowers. The orchid, long a celebrated symbol of love, wisdom, and beauty, enhances this austere and glorious funeral service focal point.

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Peach Comfort Half-Couch Spray

The Peach Comfort Half-Couch Spray is a soothing mix of beautiful and calming pink hues artistically designed to create an aura of comfort. This classically inspired arrangement imparts tenderness and warmth by combining the simple radiance of gerbera daisies, larkspur, and lilies. The textures and colors of these flowers create a lush sentiment that represents loyalty, attachment, virtue, and everlasting love. The color peach has long been understood to soothe those searching for peace. This arrangement does just that, in a traditional and elegant manner.

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Drop of Sunshine Casket Spray

It is especially difficult to come to terms with the death of a young person. The Drop of Sunshine Casket Spray is designed specifically for a youth casket. This arrangement uses lovely white and yellow flowers to create a mood of elegance and hope on this otherwise somber occasion. The spray combines gerbera daisies to represent innocence and joy along with beautiful chrysanthemums for loyalty and optimism. These flowers are artfully gathered together with a bright yellow ribbon that conveys the undeniable memories and experiences that will be forever present with family and friends. This spray hopes to convey a spirit of life, faith, and hope; a life lived to its very fullest.

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Delicate Pink Casket Spray

We work very hard to create an arrangement that pays tribute to the life of an important woman, whether we knew her as a mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, or friend. The Delicate Pink Casket Spray is a feminine arrangement that also glorifies the unique spirit, loyalty, compassion, selflessness, and determination that she possessed. Celebrate a rich, giving life with this gorgeous mix of carnations in both light and dark hues. These shades of pink create lush layers of light, symbolizing the beauty and complexity of a woman who lived this life to the fullest and was an inspiration to all those who knew her. This classically inspired half-couch casket arrangement is a bright and pleasing tribute and creates a soothing and peaceful remembrance.

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Whichever floral arrangement you decide best celebrates the life lived, you can be sure that Flower Choice will deliver it fresh and bursting with long lasting beauty and style. It is our desire that our commitment to freshness, quality, and craftsmanship will result in a touch of peace and hope during this difficult time. Each arrangement we deliver is sent with the hope that the beauty of these fresh flowers will communicate your condolences with attention and care.