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Flower Meanings

The colors, shapes, and textures of flowers always seem to be telling a story. This is why flowers have been enjoyed not just for their sensory delights but also for their symbolic meanings. Artists know the meanings of flowers; painters especially have used certain flowers in their still life paintings to communicate a secret message. Today, most shoppers choose their fresh flowers based upon their aesthetic preference or because the flowers represent an important association such as an anniversary or birthday. However, for your enjoyment, here are some of the fun symbolic meanings that have been applied to flowers. Send a fresh flower bouquet featuring the flower that communicates a secret message to really show your attention to detail and thoughtfulness!



This delightful flower means the recipient is aspiring to accomplish an important task or goal.


The amaryllis wishes good luck, especially to actors.


The anemone represents fragility and can be sent as a get well wish.


The aster shows happiness and contentment


The beautiful azalea represents health and good fortune. It can be a thoughtful gift to expecting parents.

Baby's Breath

This sublime beauty represents joyfulness and celebration.


The begonia symbolizes reflection and meditation. It can be sent to someone working through a difficult problem.


The amaryllis wishes good luck, especially to actors.

Black-Eyed Susan

This wonderful flower contains the message of encouragement.

Calla Lily

The long, slender stalk and elegant white flower of this luminous beauty represent nobility. Send this amazing flower to remind someone of their regal nature.


The dramatic camellia expresses thankfulness and appreciation

Carnation - Pink

Pink carnations represent gratitude.

Carnation - Red

These intense flowers represent strength and commitment.

Carnation - Striped

A striped carnation has symbolized an answer of no.

Carnation - White

This flower is sent to honor and remember.

Carnation - Yellow

The flower of friendship


The dramatic camellia expresses thankfulness and appreciation

Chrysanthemum - Yellow

The tradition flower for a secret admirer.

Chrysanthemum - White

This gorgeous flower represents truth and honesty

Chrysanthemum - Red

The flower of sharing and cooperation.


The flower of peace and tranquility. Can be a soothing gesture toward someone feeling anxious.


This has long been considered the flower of chivalry. Lasting friendship is the more modern message given to this radiant flower.


The unique delphinium has the symbolic message of boldness. Offer this flower when you want to make a dramatic statement.


The beautiful and spirited daisy represents joyful innocence. Send this cheerful flower to remind someone about all the happiness in life.


The freesia symbolizes positive energy. Give someone an energy boost with this amazing flower.


The beautiful gardenia sends the message of pure joy. Send a fresh bouquet of gardenias to someone to celebrate an important accomplishment.


The wholesome and neighborly geranium offers comfort.

Gerbera Daisy

The colorful daisy represents excitement. Send these joyful flowers to let someone know you are full of excitement about the future.


The name of this stunning flower means sword. The gladiolus represents strength and determination.


Shepherds gave the meaning of solitude to this lovely flower. Send it to someone who is enjoying some much needed time alone.


Representing domestic happiness, send this simple flower to show love of a living situation.


The lovely hyacinth flower represents earnestness and truthfulness.


Unmistakable and resolved, the magical hydrangea symbolizes perseverance


The ethereal blue iris offers creative inspiration. Send a fresh bouquet of irises to a friend in need of a creative boost.


Although ivy is a sprawling vine, it offers the promise of fidelity.


Unlike any other flower, the radiant larkspur sends the message of appreciation for a friend or lover’s uniqueness.


Gorgeous and fragrant, lavender’s exotic qualities offer the promise of new adventure.


This natural wonder holds all the excitement and promise of first love.

Lily - Asiatic

The one of a kind coloring on this exotic flower provides it with its symbolic meaning of foreign travel.

Lily - Stargazer

The deep pink coloring and the cat-like speckling of this amazing flower send a message of ambitious desires.


This delightful flower offers calm. Send it to someone dealing with extra stress to help them keep their temporary challenges in perspective.


Glorious magnolia bouquets have long sent the message of dignity


Marigolds represent the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and hold the symbolic meaning of good fortune.


The orchid is one of the world’s most exotic flowers. Traditionally, this was the flower of powerful romantic desire.


To send a pansy arrangement is the closest thing you can come to sending a hug.

Peace Lily

A wonderful springtime flower, this bright and glorious beauty represents rebirth and renewal.


Peony have long been known for their healing powers. Send these as get well flowers.


The Christmas flower, this stunning plant symbolizes humility and transformation.

Queen Anne's Lace

Like the delicate textile of the same name, these flowers represent matronly femininity.


Roses have many symbolic meanings. Visit our rose meaning page.


These playful and fun flowers represent a hope for children.


A bucket full of good luck comes with each stephanotis bouquet!


These elegant flowers offer the hope for success


Send your deepest adoration with these hearty and radiant flowers.


These springtime blossoms represent delight.


The striking violet symbolizes faithfulness.


This flower tells friends you are thinking of them.

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