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Dealing with the loss of a loved one or dear friend is difficult. Allow us to help with your grief by providing beautiful funeral flowers to show your love and appreciation. Funeral flower arrangements are a way to honor the deceased and provide a measure of comfort for the family. We offer the freshest and most enduring sympathy flowers. A variety of funeral flowers are available, whether you wish to express your condolences with a casket spray, a standing wreath, or a sympathy plant, choose from our fine selection of sympathy flowers. We offer funeral flowers online for same-day delivery, allowing you to express your heartfelt emotions in a variety of ways. [Read More]

Green Garden Bowl (TF192-2)

Green Garden Bowl

Sale $58.46

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Super Fragrant Teleflora's Southern Living Golden Glow Bouquet (TFWEB586DX)

Always Happy Bouquet

Sale $71.96

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Incredible Iris (TF59-1)

Incredible Iris

Sale $60.26

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Simply White (TF24-2)

Simply White

Sale $64.76

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Yellow and Lavender Delight (TF15-2)

Yellow and Lavender Delight

Sale $55.76

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Glorious Gladioli! (TF21-1)

Glorious Gladioli!

Sale $76.46

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Large Spathiphyllum Plant (TF133-1)

Large Spathiphyllum Plant

Sale $109.76

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Divine Orchid (T99-1A)

Divine Orchid

Sale $96.26

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Drop of Sunshine Casket Spray  (TF221-1)

Drop of Sunshine Casket Spray

Sale $82.76

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Simply Chic Mixed Plant Basket (T97-1A)

Simply Chic Mixed Plant Basket

Sale $94.46

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Graceful Tribute Heart  (TF201-2)

Graceful Tribute Heart

Sale $168.26

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Spathiphyllum Plant (TF121-1)

Spathiphyllum Plant

Sale $71.06

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Pink Bouquet Cross (TF198-2)

Pink Bouquet Cross

Sale $82.76

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Teleflora’s Our Lady of Grace  (TF209-2)

Teleflora’s Our Lady of Grace

Sale $105.26

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Sacred Garden Spray (T249-4A)

Sacred Garden Spray

Sale $186.26

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Moonlit Walk (T263-3A)

Moonlit Walk

Sale $55.76

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Flower Surge (TF18-2)

Flower Surge

Sale $62.96

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Tribute Heart (TF189-7)

Tribute Heart

Sale $172.76

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Shining Sentiments Spray (TF189-5)

Shining Sentiments Spray

Sale $105.26

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Basket of Memories (T218-3A)

Basket of Memories

Sale $87.26

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Hope and Honor Basket  (TF206-1)

Hope and Honor Basket

Sale $82.76

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Lavender Chrysanthemum (TF132-3)

Lavender Chrysanthemum

Sale $53.06

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Lavender Phalaenopsis Orchid (TF141-2)

Lavender Phalaenopsis Orchid

Sale $87.26

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Respectful Pink Wreath (TF199-3)

Respectful Pink Wreath

Sale $154.76

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Teleflora's Heavenly Grace (TFWEB539)

Teleflora's Heavenly Grace

Sale $98.96

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Sunshine Basket  (TF203-11)

Sunshine Basket

Sale $98.06

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Classic Carnation Arrangement (TF198-3)

Classic Carnation Arrangement

Sale $69.26

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Graceful Tribute Casket Spray  (TF201-1)

Graceful Tribute Casket Spray

Sale $195.26

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Sweet Solace Spray (T249-1A)

Sweet Solace Spray

Sale $118.76

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Tropical Paradise Arrangement  (TF213-2)

Tropical Paradise Arrangement

Sale $123.26

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Garden Basket Blooms (TFWEB559)

Garden Basket Blooms

Sale $80.96

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Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant (TF118-3)

Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant

Sale $84.56

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Serenity Orchids (TFWEB377)

Serenity Orchids

Sale $85.46

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Stylish Stock (TF24-3)

Stylish Stock

Sale $55.76

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Super Fragrant Beautiful Whisper (T237-1A)

Beautiful Whisper

Sale $134.96

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Order Sympathy Flowers and Get Same Day Delivery!

Support grieving friends and relatives with beautiful and well-crafted sympathy flowers.
We select only the freshest and most attractive flowers for our funeral flower arrangements so you can be confident that your selection will send a powerful message of love and support. If you are interested in a longer lasting option, consider on of our lovely plant baskets like our white garden. A paradise palm will be a reminder of your care for many years. Our online ordering system makes sending funeral flowers simple and convenient, so you can concentrate on other details. Let us take care of sending beautiful flowers symbolic of the honor you wish to bestow on the deceased. [Read More]

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