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  1. Teleflora's Rose Classique
    Teleflora's Rose Classique
  2. A Dozen Lavender Roses
    A Dozen Lavender Roses
  3. Dance with Me
    Dance with Me
  4. Madly in Love by Teleflora
    Madly in Love by Teleflora
  5. P.S. I Love You
    P.S. I Love You
  6. Teleflora's Stole My Heart
    Teleflora's Stole My Heart
  7. My Perfect Love
    My Perfect Love
  8. Fairy Tale Romance
    Fairy Tale Romance
  9. 6 Yellow Roses
    6 Yellow Roses
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Valentine's Day Roses

When you send roses for Valentine's Day you are expressing the very best part of your love. You are expressing your purest attraction and desire. You are expressing the love you feel that is so good, so true that your words cannot keep up with your heart. Valentine's Day roses are capable of expressing those subtleties and complexities that our hearts would speak directly if they could.

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