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  1. Plant and Fruit Basket
    Plant and Fruit Basket
  2. Medium Dish Garden
    Medium Dish Garden
  3. Arboricola
  4. Tropical Bromeliad
    Tropical Bromeliad
  5. Yellow Oncidium Orchid
    Yellow Oncidium Orchid
  6. Sphere of Tranquility
    Sphere of Tranquility
  7. Grande Gourmet Fruit Basket
    Grande Gourmet Fruit Basket
  8. Large Spathiphyllum Plant
    Large Spathiphyllum Plant
  9. Daisy Cheer
    Daisy Cheer
  10. Medium Spathiphyllum Plant
    Medium Spathiphyllum Plant
  11. Teleflora's Opulent Orchids
    Teleflora's Opulent Orchids
  12. Teleflora's Green Light
    Teleflora's Green Light
  13. Wishing You Luck
    Wishing You Luck
  14. Ficus Tree
    Ficus Tree
  15. Schefflera
  16. Succulent Garden
    Succulent Garden
  17. Small Spathiphyllum Plant
    Small Spathiphyllum Plant
  18. Small Garden Dish
    Small Garden Dish
  19. Spathiphyllum Plant
    Spathiphyllum Plant
  20. Parlor Palm
    Parlor Palm
  21. Ficus Bush
    Ficus Bush
  22. Areca Palm
    Areca Palm
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