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  1. Paradise Palm
    Paradise Palm
  2. A Dozen Pink Roses
    A Dozen Pink Roses
  3. A Dozen Lavender Roses
    A Dozen Lavender Roses
  4. Teleflora's Tulip Treasure
    Teleflora's Tulip Treasure
  5. Here's to You by Teleflora
    Here's to You by Teleflora
  6. Purple Majesty
    Purple Majesty
  7. Teleflora's Smile Awhile
    Teleflora's Smile Awhile
  8. Teleflora's Dream with Me
    Teleflora's Dream with Me
  9. Teleflora's Rose Classique
    Teleflora's Rose Classique
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Inexpensive Flowers

There is no joy comparable to the joy of receiving fresh flowers. There is a true connection of spirit to spirit that other gifts cannot match. When your friend, colleague, or loved one receives one of our luminous arrangements they will feel a transcendent connection symbolized by the transcendent beauty and poetry of fresh flowers in bloom.

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