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Long considered one of the most graceful and elegant flowers, tulips have been brightening people’s hearts for centuries. Tulips, often associated with success and opulence, have been the subject of many outstanding poems. Alexander Dumas wrote a novel about the quest for a black tulip, and tulips have been so highly regarded that they have been used as a form of currency. [Read More]

Teleflora's Spring Rhapsody (T138-1A)

Teleflora's Spring Rhapsody

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Teleflora's Spring for Joy (TFWEB522)

Teleflora's Spring for Joy

Sale $71.96

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Teleflora's Sweet Tenderness (T259-1A)

Teleflora's Sweet Tenderness

Sale $51.26

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New Sensations (T82-3A)

New Sensations

Sale $116.96

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Golden Illuminations (TFWEB476)

Golden Illuminations

Sale $98.96

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Holiday Chic (TFWEB272)

Holiday Chic

Sale $116.96

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Floral Fantasia (TFWEB124)

Floral Fantasia

Sale $143.96

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Springtime Splendor (TF199-8)

Springtime Splendor

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Spring Hope Arrangement (TF199-5)

Spring Hope Arrangement

Sale $154.76

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Eternal Spring Half-Couch Spray   (TF197-1)

Eternal Spring Half-Couch Spray

Sale $170.06

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Teleflora's Spring Sweetness (TFWEB519)

Teleflora's Spring Sweetness

Sale $62.96

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Classic Spring Bouquet (TF55-1)

Classic Spring Bouquet

Sale $159.26

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Teleflora's Sweet Serendipity (TFWEB112)

Teleflora's Sweet Serendipity

Sale $56.66

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Tulip Bouquets

Tulip bouquets collect a number of stunning tulips of the same color so that their singularity can create its unique and powerful impact. The Passionate Purple Tulips Bouquet is like love itself, simultaneously simple and complex. The juxtaposition of the rich purple blossoms and the deep green stems creates a remarkable impact. [Read More]

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