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Funeral and memorial services perform an important role in the healing process after a loved one dies. They provide an opportunity to celebrate a life well lived. These services also provide an opportunity for the family to see, firsthand, the impact the deceased had on the lives of others. The presence of funeral flower arrangements and funeral sprays bring light, color, and grace into the ceremony, helping create an environment of luminescence, care, and healing. [Read More]

Garden Cross (T269-2A)

Garden Cross

Sale $168.26

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Infinite Love (T239-2A)

Infinite Love

Sale $208.76

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Vibrant Memorial  (TF217-1)

Vibrant Memorial

Sale $109.76

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Red Rose Tribute Vase  (TF208-1)

Red Rose Tribute Vase

Sale $123.26

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Red Rose Sanctuary Casket Spray (T230-3A)

Red Rose Sanctuary Casket Spray

Sale $190.76

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Cremation Urn Wreath  (TF218-1)

Cremation Urn Wreath

Sale $195.26

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Picture of Heaven Spray (TFWEB536)

Picture of Heaven Spray

Sale $197.96

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Heavenly Wreath (TFWEB537)

Heavenly Wreath

Sale $188.96

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Always Adored Casket Spray (T236-3A)

Always Adored Casket Spray

Sale $400.46

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Greatest Love Casket Spray (T223-1A)

Greatest Love Casket Spray

Sale $395.96

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Golden Garden Casket Spray (T243-1A)

Golden Garden Casket Spray

Sale $292.46

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Divine Orchid (T99-1A)

Divine Orchid

Sale $96.26

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Super Fragrant Beautiful Whisper (T237-1A)

Beautiful Whisper

Sale $134.96

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Glorious Life Wreath (T257-1A)

Glorious Life Wreath

Sale $244.76

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Heavenly Hope (TFWEB540)

Heavenly Hope

Sale $181.76

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Funeral Sprays

If you are unable to attend a memorial service, or if you wish to accentuate your personal message of support and love, funeral flower arrangements and funeral sprays express the inexpressible. Our funeral flower arrangements are designed with a poetic touch in order to convey the wide array of emotions expressed during this difficult time. [Read More]

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