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There are certain people in every office who go the extra mile to improve sales, improve customer relations, or improve office morale. These people are consistent, hard working, and well liked. Show your appreciation on their birthday or because of a job well done with one of our many fine corporate gifts or corporate flowers. [Read More]

Teleflora's Opulent Orchids (T98-2A)

Teleflora's Opulent Orchids

Sale $118.76

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Super Fragrant Remembering Us (TF115-1)

Celebrations Bouquet

Sale $127.76

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Fruits and Flowers Basket (TF157-4)

Fruits and Flowers Basket

Sale $64.76

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Small Sunshine and Smiles (TF5-2)

Small Sunshine and Smiles

Sale $55.76

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New Sensations (T82-3A)

New Sensations

Sale $116.96

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Deluxe European Garden Basket (TF125-1)

Deluxe European Garden Basket

Sale $150.26

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Shining Sunflowers (TF66-1)

Shining Sunflowers

Sale $73.76

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Dish Garden with Pinks (TF139-3)

Dish Garden with Pinks

Sale $60.26

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Fruits and Blooms Basket (T107-3A)

Fruits and Blooms Basket

Sale $53.96

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Now and Zen (T82-1A)

Now and Zen

Sale $130.46

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Super Fragrant At First Blush (TFWEB299)

At First Blush

Sale $62.96

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Fruit and Gourmet Basket (TF104-3)

Fruit and Gourmet Basket

Sale $96.26

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Towering Ficus (T104-1A)

Towering Ficus

Sale $100.76

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Chocolate & Coffee Basket (TFWEB381)

Chocolate & Coffee Basket

Sale $94.46

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Large Spathiphyllum Plant (TF133-1)

Large Spathiphyllum Plant

Sale $109.76

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Divine Orchid (T99-1A)

Divine Orchid

Sale $96.26

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Grande Gourmet Fruit Basket (T213-1A)

Grande Gourmet Fruit Basket

Sale $123.26

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Teleflora's Tropical Bliss (T85-1A)

Teleflora's Tropical Bliss

Sale $85.46

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It's My Party by Teleflora (T173-1A)

It's My Party by Teleflora

Sale $51.26

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Spathiphyllum Plant (TF121-1)

Spathiphyllum Plant

Sale $71.06

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Azalea Topiary (TF131-2)

Azalea Topiary

Sale $105.26

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Orchid Embers (TFWEB393)

Orchid Embers

Sale $89.96

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Island Blooms (TFWEB387)

Island Blooms

Sale $80.96

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Healthy Gourmet Basket (TF158-3)

Healthy Gourmet Basket

Sale $96.26

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Spirited Spring (TF51-1)

Spirited Spring

Sale $91.76

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Teleflora's Bamboo Getaway (T85-3A)

Teleflora's Bamboo Getaway

Sale $98.96

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Aglaonema (TF135-3)


Sale $78.26

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Country Chic (TFWEB215)

Country Chic

Sale $98.96

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Fresh Memories (TF10-1)

Fresh Memories

Sale $61.16

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Here's to You by Teleflora (T29-1A)

Here's to You by Teleflora

Sale $62.96

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A well-chosen gift can really go a long way toward improving morale and enthusiasm. Whether you are looking for a birthday gift for your boss, looking to reward someone who put in extra work to secure a sale, or looking for a gift to celebrate Administrative Professionals Day, our corporate gifts and corporate flowers will certainly fit the occasion. [Read More]

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