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Receiving fresh, luminous flowers can transform her birthday from ordinary into unforgettable. When you send fresh flowers for her birthday you are expressing how much you appreciate her beauty, charm, and all her many indefinable qualities. Flowers are like music, they express emotion in a manner which transcends words. Gorgeous, colorful, sweet flowers make the perfect birthday gift for her. [Read More]

Teleflora's Brilliant Blossoms (TFWEB137)

Teleflora's Brilliant Blossoms

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Yellow Trio Basket (T94-1A)

Yellow Trio Basket

Sale $94.46

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Teleflora's Aloha Sunset (T73-1A)

Teleflora's Aloha Sunset

Sale $116.96

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Sweet Azalea Delight (T96-1A)

Sweet Azalea Delight

Sale $67.46

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Basket of Joy (T95-2A)

Basket of Joy

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Teleflora's Box of Sunshine (T72-2A)

Teleflora's Box of Sunshine

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Teleflora's Island Dreams (T85-2A)

Teleflora's Island Dreams

Sale $76.46

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The most enduringly romantic birthday flower option is a Dozen Premium Red Roses. The rose has long been considered the flower of love, and it is no surprise why. Each rose is gorgeous and sensual, an elegant mystery that unfolds into layers of ephemeral beauty. Our premium red roses are guaranteed to be the highest quality available. They will be a gorgeous and enduring birthday gift for her. [Read More]

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