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Bosses Week Flowers (56)

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Bosses Day is Wednesday, October 16th and Bosses Week is Monday, October 12th through Friday, October 16th!

Miniature Rose Bush (TFWEB156)

Miniature Rose Bush

Sale $42.26

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Paradise Palm (TFWEB397)

Paradise Palm

Sale $62.96

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Small Garden Dish (T212-3A)

Small Garden Dish

Sale $51.26

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Large Basket Garden (T212-1A)

Large Basket Garden

Sale $89.96

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Princess For A Day Bouquet (TFWEB582DX)

Bamboo Shangri-La

Sale $94.46

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A Pot of Sunflowers (TF67-2)

A Pot of Sunflowers

Sale $58.46

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Pink N' Playful Bouquet (TFWEB581PM)

Bamboo Beauty

Sale $62.96

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Large Spathiphyllum Plant (TF133-1)

Large Spathiphyllum Plant

Sale $109.76

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Grande Gourmet Fruit Basket (T213-1A)

Grande Gourmet Fruit Basket

Sale $123.26

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A Dozen Multi-Colored Roses (TF32-5)

A Dozen Multi-Colored Roses

Sale $78.26

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Spathiphyllum Plant (TF121-1)

Spathiphyllum Plant

Sale $71.06

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Teleflora's Sunflower Splash (TF-WEB11)

Teleflora's Sunflower Splash

Sale $69.26

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Blissful Bouquet (TF118-2)

Blissful Bouquet

Sale $82.76

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Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant (TF118-3)

Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant

Sale $84.56

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Stylish Stock (TF24-3)

Stylish Stock

Sale $55.76

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Serenity Orchids (TFWEB377)

Serenity Orchids

Sale $85.46

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Tropical Bromeliad (TF142-3)

Tropical Bromeliad

Sale $75.56

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Dendrobium Orchid (TF140-1)

Dendrobium Orchid

Sale $89.06

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Artful Orchids (TF150-1)

Artful Orchids

Sale $123.26

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Poker Night (TFWEB376)

Poker Night

Sale $76.46

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