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No other flower offers such a strong, visceral reaction as the romantic and sensual rose. Roses are the flowers that also offer the strongest symbolic message. Available in a variety of stunning colors and in a variety of artistic arrangements, our rose collection is designed to offer you a means of communicating the depth and power of your feelings. [Read More]

Holiday Splendor (T119-1A)

Holiday Splendor

$44.95 Sale $40.46

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Be My Love (T128-2A)

Be My Love

$59.95 Sale $53.96

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Endless Romance Bouquet (TEV23-3A)

Endless Romance Bouquet

$64.95 Sale $58.46

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Field of Roses (TF117-1)

Field of Roses

$144.95 Sale $130.46

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Love's Divine (T11Z101A)

Hugs and Kisses

$44.95 Sale $40.46

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Love's Divine (T11Z101B)

Love's Divine

$119.95 Sale $107.96

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Love Letter Roses (TFWEB495)

Love Letter Roses

$79.95 Sale $71.96

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Cupid's Creation by Teleflora (T6-1A)

Cupid's Creation by Teleflora

$97.95 Sale $88.16

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Teleflora's Timeless Romance (TRS04-1A)

Teleflora's Timeless Romance

$109.95 Sale $98.96

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Baby's Wow Wagon by Teleflora (T35-1A)

Baby's Wow Wagon by Teleflora

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Garden Promenade Bouquet (TFWEB583PM)

Baby Be Mine Bouquet

$77.95 Sale $70.16

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Red Roses and White Orchids (TF117-2)

Red Roses and White Orchids

$74.95 Sale $67.46

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Remembering Us (TF115-1)

Celebrations Bouquet

$144.95 Sale $130.46

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Enduring Grace (T261-1A)

Enduring Grace

$109.95 Sale $98.96

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Be Still My Heart (TRS02-1A)

Be Still My Heart

$129.95 Sale $116.96

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Rose Delivery

If you are looking to send roses to express your romantic interests, consider the powerful and intriguing Fabulous Flirt Arrangement. This sophisticated, yet playful arrangement is artistically designed to make your intentions come to life in a firework display of beauty. Multicolored roses are layered in order to create a gorgeous and exciting statement. The clear glass vase offers a sophisticated counterpoint, and the oversized bow wraps it all up into an irresistible gift. [Read More]

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