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Gracious Lavender Basket (T235-1A)

Gracious Lavender Basket

Sale $104.36

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In Loving Memory Spray (TFWEB553)

In Loving Memory Spray

Sale $194.36

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Teleflora's Lavender Field Basket (TF-F7)

Teleflora's Lavender Garden

Sale $43.16

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Moonlit Walk (T263-3A)

Moonlit Walk

Sale $52.16

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Medium Sunshine and Smiles (TF5-3)

Medium Sunshine and Smiles

Sale $83.66

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Burst of Joy (TF7-1)

Burst of Joy

Sale $56.66

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Loving Tribute (TF185-7)

Loving Tribute

Sale $106.16

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Joyful Memory (T251-1A)

Joyful Memory

Sale $95.36

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Vivid Sentiments (TF185-1)

Vivid Sentiments

Sale $74.66

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White Expressions Basket (TF195-1)

White Expressions Basket

Sale $124.16

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Peach Comfort Half-Couch Spray (TF196-1)

Peach Comfort Half-Couch Spray

Sale $169.16

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Sympathy Sentiments Bouquet (TF184-1)

Sentiments Bouquet

Sale $49.46

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Black Tie Optional Bouquet (TFWEB585)

Endless Love

Sale $144.86

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Love's Journey (T232-1A)

Love's Journey

Sale $59.36

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Glory and Grace Arrangement  (TF214-1)

Glory and Grace Arrangement

Sale $133.16

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Hopeful Pink Basket (TF187-1)

Hopeful Pink Basket

Sale $83.66

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Strength and Wisdom Casket Spray (T242-3A)

Strength and Wisdom Casket Spray

Sale $164.66

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