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Teleflora's Ducky Delight (T34-3A)

Teleflora's Ducky Delight

Sale $47.66

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Heavenly Light (T262-2A)

Heavenly Light

Sale $79.16

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Birthday Balloon Bouquet (TF42-1)

Birthday Balloon Bouquet

Sale $65.66

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Birthday Splash (TF43-1)

Cheerful Flowers in a Mug

Sale $38.66

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Teleflora's Smile for Me (TEV11-3A)

Teleflora's Smile for Me

Sale $43.16

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Teleflora's Holiday Sweetheart (TFWEB257)

Teleflora's Holiday Sweetheart

Sale $36.86

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Spring Sonata (T147-1A)

Spring Sonata

Sale $38.66

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Orange Crush Bouquet (TFWEB574DX)

Hooray-Diant! Bouquet

Sale $38.66

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Teleflora's Country Pumpkin (T175-1A)

Teleflora's Country Pumpkin

Sale $50.36

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Blazing Sunshine (TF36-1)

Blazing Sunshine

Sale $70.16

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Teleflora's Très Chic Present (TFWEB306)

Teleflora's Très Chic Present

Sale $54.86

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Teleflora's Posy Bunch (TF-F5)

Teleflora's Posy Bunch

Sale $53.06

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Enduring Grace (T261-1A)

Enduring Grace

Sale $92.66

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Teleflora's Confetti Present (T15-1A)

Teleflora's Confetti Present

Sale $47.66

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In Loving Memory Spray (TFWEB553)

In Loving Memory Spray

Sale $194.36

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Bright and Beautiful Spray (T249-3A)

Bright and Beautiful Spray

Sale $137.66

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