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Chrysanthemum (430)

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Sending You Sunshine (TFWEB326)

Sending You Sunshine

Sale $59.36

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Under $40 Sweet Reminder (TF18-1)

Sweet Reminder

Sale $38.66

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Under $40 Spring Sonata (T147-1A)

Spring Sonata

Sale $38.66

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Loving Heart Tribute (TF199-4)

Loving Heart Tribute

Sale $115.16

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Enduring Grace (T261-1A)

Enduring Grace

Sale $92.66

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Super Fragrant A Fine Romance by Teleflora (TEV15-1A)

A Fine Romance by Teleflora

Sale $43.16

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Teleflora's Best of Times (TFWEB287)

Teleflora's Best of Times

Sale $63.86

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Teleflora's Smile for Me (TEV11-3A)

Teleflora's Smile for Me

Sale $43.16

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Teleflora's Country Pumpkin (T175-1A)

Teleflora's Country Pumpkin

Sale $50.36

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Glorious Memories Garland (T267-3A)

Glorious Memories Garland

Sale $56.66

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Blazing Sunshine (TF36-1)

Blazing Sunshine

Sale $70.16

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Teleflora's Confetti Present (T15-1A)

Teleflora's Confetti Present

Sale $47.66

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In Loving Memory Spray (TFWEB553)

In Loving Memory Spray

Sale $194.36

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Teleflora's Très Chic Present (TFWEB306)

Teleflora's Très Chic Present

Sale $54.86

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Under $40 Teleflora's Holiday Sweetheart (TFWEB257)

Teleflora's Holiday Sweetheart

Sale $36.86

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Under $40 Celebration Time (TFWEB163)

Celebration Time

Sale $32.36

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