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While you can’t mail a congratulatory handshake, hug, or slap on the back, you can send fresh, meaningful congratulations flowers and congratulations gifts. When someone deserves public acknowledgement for a job well done, whether it be for a promotion, graduation, or other achievement, congratulations flowers show them you understand and appreciate their tireless efforts to improve their life and the lives of those around them. [Read More]

Sweet as a Daisy (T95-1A)

Sweet as a Daisy

Sale $32.36

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Delightful Fruit Tray (TF158-1)

Delightful Fruit Tray

Sale $56.66

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Memories of Paradise (TF148-1)

Memories of Paradise

Sale $79.16

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Victorian Romance (T69-1A)

Victorian Romance

Sale $68.36

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Fruits and Flowers Basket (TF157-4)

Fruits and Flowers Basket

Sale $61.16

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Secret Garden Basket (T96-2A)

Secret Garden Basket

Sale $65.66

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Large Sunshine and Smiles (TF5-1)

Large Sunshine and Smiles

Sale $101.66

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Daisy Cheer (TF58-3)

Daisy Cheer

Sale $40.46

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Birthday Splash (TF43-1)

Cheerful Flowers in a Mug

Sale $38.66

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Super Fragrant Fiery Lily and Rose (T47-2A)

Fiery Lily and Rose

Sale $59.36

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Deluxe European Garden Basket (TF125-1)

Deluxe European Garden Basket

Sale $146.66

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Red Roses and White Orchids (TF117-2)

Red Roses and White Orchids

Sale $61.16

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Small Sunshine and Smiles (TF5-2)

Small Sunshine and Smiles

Sale $52.16

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Fruits and Blooms Basket (T107-3A)

Fruits and Blooms Basket

Sale $50.36

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Dish Garden with Pinks (TF139-3)

Dish Garden with Pinks

Sale $56.66

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Teleflora's Grand Gesture (T78-1A)

Teleflora's Grand Gesture

Sale $72.86

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Teleflora's Confetti Present (T15-1A)

Teleflora's Confetti Present

Sale $47.66

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Teleflora's Lavender Field Basket (TF-F7)

Teleflora's Lavender Garden

Sale $43.16

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Teleflora's Posy Bunch (TF-F5)

Teleflora's Posy Bunch

Sale $53.06

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Dutch Delight (TFWEB401)

Dutch Delight

Sale $77.36

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Super Fragrant Teleflora's Purest Love Bouquet (TEV30-2A)

Teleflora's Purest Love Bouquet

Sale $56.66

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Sunny Sunflowers (T152-2A)

Sunny Sunflowers

Sale $43.16

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Grande Gourmet Fruit Basket (T213-1A)

Grande Gourmet Fruit Basket

Sale $119.66

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Chocolate & Coffee Basket (TFWEB381)

Chocolate & Coffee Basket

Sale $90.86

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Shining Sunflowers (TF66-1)

Shining Sunflowers

Sale $70.16

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Congratulations Gifts

Sometimes we offer congratulations because of the importance of the accomplishment, such as someone being promoted to president or graduating cum laude. Sometimes we offer our congratulations because of the amount of work and effort it took to accomplish the task, such as having a great opening night or turning around a department in dire straits. And sometimes, we wish to offer congratulations on something important but often overlooked. No matter the occasion, you have made the choice to celebrate it. [Read More]

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