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Celebrate another year of wedded bliss by sending luminous anniversary flowers. Whether a couple is celebrating their first anniversary or their fiftieth, a well-chosen symbol of your love will brighten this special day. We offer a wide selection of anniversary gift ideas so you may choose the anniversary flowers or gift that best expresses your unique relationship to your spouse. [Read More]

Three Dozen Red Roses (TF30-1)

Three Dozen Red Roses

Sale $203.36

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Blossoms in Vogue (T74-1A)

Blossoms in Vogue

Sale $68.36

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Medium Sunshine and Smiles (TF5-3)

Medium Sunshine and Smiles

Sale $83.66

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It's My Party by Teleflora (T173-1A)

It's My Party by Teleflora

Sale $47.66

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Rose Repose (T96-3A)

Rose Repose

Sale $68.36

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Teleflora's Tropical Bliss (T85-1A)

Teleflora's Tropical Bliss

Sale $81.86

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Divine Orchid (T99-1A)

Divine Orchid

Sale $92.66

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Princess Roses (TFWEB331)

Princess Roses

Sale $53.06

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This Magic Moment (T66-1A)

This Magic Moment

Sale $54.86

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Teleflora's Glorious Day (T154-1A)

Teleflora's Glorious Day

Sale $68.36

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A Little Pink Me Up (T10-3A)

A Little Pink Me Up

Sale $61.16

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Spring Mist (TFWEB527)

Spring Mist

Sale $86.36

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Teleflora's Rose Quartet Vase (TF-F10)

Teleflora's Rose Quartet Vase

Sale $38.66

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Hot Summer Roses (TF68-3)

Multi-Colored Roses

Sale $61.16

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Dreaming in Pink (T62-1A)

Dreaming in Pink

Sale $117.86

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Balloons and a Boost (TF108-1)

Balloons and a Boost

Sale $65.66

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White Roses (TF116-1)

White Roses

Sale $79.16

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Roses in the Grass (TFWEB202)

Roses in the Grass

Sale $45.86

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Super Fragrant Isn't It Romantic (T9-1A)

Isn't It Romantic

Sale $90.86

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Super Fragrant Marvelous Pinks (TF9-1)

Marvelous Pinks

Sale $97.16

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Teleflora's Party Perfect (TFWEB329)

Teleflora's Party Perfect

Sale $54.86

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A Dozen White Roses (TF35-2)

A Dozen White Roses

Sale $74.66

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Always Yours by Teleflora (T67-2A)

Always Yours by Teleflora

Sale $63.86

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Moondance (T79-1A)


Sale $122.36

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Rose and Lily Splendor (TF35-1)

Rose and Lily Splendor

Sale $70.16

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Super Fragrant Teleflora's Forever More (TFWEB153)

Teleflora's Forever More

Sale $71.06

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Super Fragrant Teleflora's Posh Pinks (TFWEB147)

Teleflora's Posh Pinks

Sale $52.16

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A Lavender Dozen (TF32-4)

A Lavender Dozen

Sale $59.36

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Your Majesty (T80-1A)

Your Majesty

Sale $185.36

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Anniversary Gift Ideas

Anniversary Gift Ideas

When you were married you made a promise to love and cherish each other forever. With each passing anniversary you are able to recommit to those promises. Sending anniversary flowers is an important way to show that you have made those promises anew. [Read More]

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